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I'm Claire,
the nurse behind Nursing the System.

I'm an ER nurse supervisor + grad student + systems thinker + 

enneagram 8 + educator + bookworm.

I love space movies, running in the rain, and traveling the world.

When people ask me what I do, the answer is: it’s complicated.

So to simplify:

I call myself a Systems Nurse. 

While getting my Bachelor’s in Sociology + Anthropology, I unexpectedly fell in love with Nursing.


Of all the social systems I studied, US healthcare fascinated me the most. It was so complex and so messy, and I wanted in. Nursing—with its feminist history + unique systems orientation to the health of people and communities—was my way in. A Masters and (almost) a Doctorate in Nursing later, I haven’t looked back.


Now, I help nurses see the healthcare Big Picture - and give them the tools they need to lead healthcare system change.

Curiosity & Growth are at the core of Nursing the System. I attract nurses dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and eager to expand and deepen their worldview, values central to being Systems Thinkers.

Over the last few years, I’ve sought to share how the power of systems thinking and stepping into the role of change maker will transform nurses' careers - and our healthcare system.

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If you’re picking up what I’m putting down,

you’ll appreciate the reading list I’ve curated,
“The Systems Thinking Book Club”.

Get to know me better!

To learn more about my perspectives on nursing and systems, check out a blog post or two. 

Some of our best conversations happen over on your favorite social media platform.

Whether you are wanting help with your career or writing your personal statement guide, I'm here to help!

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a theme party like you've never seen
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(mystery with a little romance is best)

Instagram is my favorite place to talk all things Systems Change + Nursing.


I can pretty much guarantee I’m there today, spreading the change makin’ goodness. Come say hi!