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Let's turn your audience into Change Makers

I'm Claire, a Healthcare Change Specialist. I help nurses think in systems to change their workplace - and the world.

Hear Claire Speak 🎙


Claire is available for workplace trainings, conferences, guest lectures, podcasts, IG lives, and more. Reach out + let us know what you have in mind!

  1. Uncover your Leadership Edge with Systems Thinking
  2. Myth Busters: Change Leadership Edition
  3. Leveraging Service Design as a Nurse Leader
  4. Designing for Resiliency - in Our Systems + Our Lives


“Claire is passionate about students, communities, and systems thinking - and weaves health + wellness throughout each. She demonstrates a deep commitment to the nursing profession through her studies + dissemination of knowledge with others. She is grounded in theory while articulating the impact through application. Through a deep and powerfully gentle approach, Claire has an impact at the individual + systems level."

-Dr. Stephanie Gingrich

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