Got an application deadline coming up?

Feeling sweaty at the thought of writing your personal statement?

Worried you'll proscrastinate until the final night turns in a tear-filled typing marathon? 


I got you, friend.


In this 40+ page guide, we walk together through 5 Writing Phases, designed to make your writing process as painless and productive as possible.


In Phase 1, we talk about the 3 key elements you need for an effective personal statement: your FIRE, your FUEL, and your FINISH.


In Phase 2, we walk through how to connect your goals to the Big Picture, and how to flex your systems thinking muscles for the admissions committee.


In Phase 3, we look at the blueprint to follow when structuring your personal statement for maximum impact.


In Phase 4, we cover tactics to efficiently flesh out your outline without overthinking or getting lost in the weeds.


In Phase 5, we discuss the details: the editing process, common writing pitfalls, and a list of components to double check before you hit that ‘submit’ button with confidence!


Along the way, we discuss how to:


  • Get in your writing mindset
  • Choose your schools with intention
  • Address questions of diversity from a place of privilege
  • Use citations, when needed
  • Avoid personal statement clichés
  • Manage perfectionism & Imposter Syndrome


Personal Statement Writing Guide

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