It's time for nurses to 

The US healthcare system is sick.​ It’s unaffordable, inefficient, and most importantly, unjust. ​The state of the healthcare system is not a nursing failure. But nurses CAN accept it as an opportunity to serve.​

There are nearly 4 million nurses in the US - and almost 30 million worldwide. Every day that we go to work and don’t question the status quo, we endorse a broken system. 


What if we start speaking up?


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Be engaged at work. Join Unit Council. E-mail your manager. Make system improvement suggestions. Support colleagues with ideas.


Join your nursing union.

Get with people already committed to doing the work. We're stronger together.


Use your political voice. Vote for representatives who actually care about healthcare reform and ending systemic oppression.


Talk to your friends about systems issues, like racism, classism, diet culture, homelessness - even when it's tough.


Develop your leadership skills. It's going to take nurses like us stepping into new roles if we want to see change. 


Donate your time and money. Find org's working to address systems issues that affect access to healthcare. Get involved! 


Hold leadership accountable. Whether it's pliticians, administrators, or charge RNs, it's on us to hold them to their values. 


Never stop learning. Life is long, and the world is always changing.  You owe it yourself to be humble and keep an open mind.


Spread the word. If you admire the work Nursing the System is doing, share it with the world! Big change relies on a big audience.

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Your voice matters. 


Nurses are on the ground, doing the work. One of us might not have all the answers, but together, we have a chance to make some waves. 


In order to better serve our patients, I want to know what YOU think. 

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