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Stand Up Meeting

Welcome to Nursing the System 

where nurses learn

to lead healthcare change 

without burning out.

Hey there,

I'm Dr. Claire Phillips, an ER Nurse turned Healthcare Change Specialist.

I founded Nursing the System because I believe that systems change tools in the hands of nurses will be a game changer.

You don't necessarily need to spend more years in the classroom and thousands of dollars in tuition to make an impact. Wherever you are on your change maker journey, we have tools to support you. 

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Tune into
the Change Channel 🎧

An on-the-go series of audio episodes, recorded for the healthcare professional who knows we need systems change – and just might want to be a part of it.

Change Maker   [noun]

A person who changes the world for the common good. They honor complexity, think in systems, and are committed to the lifelong journey.

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