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Every change makers journey looks different.

Heres how Nursing the System can support you on yours.

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Is your programming interprofessional - or JUST for nurses? 

Much of our programming is interprofessional! This is by design. Change making is transdisciplinary and a worthy effort for any professional. Our programs and services are centered in the healthcare space, but we have had teachers, project managers, engineers, financial advisors, and lawyers enroll in our courses with much success!

I'm not sure which program is right for me. Or, I have a question about a program. Can I talk to someone?

You sure can!  You can email with your question, and I will be in touch within 5 working days. You can also reach out to me via Instagram @nursing.the.system if you'd like to talk it out.

Want to bring Claire into your org? 

Speaking | Consulting | Team Training

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