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Select all that apply: 

(I know you know how these work!)

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The healthcare system might be broken beyond repair.

Even if it’s not, I don’t think we are actually capable of changing it.

The problems we face are too big for MY efforts to make an impact.

Why is it my responsibility to clean up this mess? I didn’t create it. Plus, I’m tired.

If you checked any of these boxes, you’ve got a case of healthcare change skepticism. 

In the face of wide scale system dysfunction, skepticism is common (and contagious). 

But if left untreated, skepticism can have serious consequences - 

in our personal lives AND in society.

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Let’s keep you from sliding into cynicism + despair...

…because widespread cynicism is the best tool out there for keeping systems stuck - or worse, going off the rails.

When millions of bright, caring healthcare professionals lose hope, those who benefit from the status quo win. And the people we care about suffer.

So here’s some hope for you: 

Our healthcare systems are absolutely capable of changing.

In fact, we see evidence of change every. single. day.

  • New technology

  • New medications

  • New processes

  • New professionals

  • New care models

  • And yes, new problems

To think such a complex, dynamic system will stay stagnant is actually a little absurd.

(But the healthcare cynicism social narrative is powerful, so I get why we think this.)

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at

So the question isn’t “Will things ever change?"

The question is “Will you have a hand in shaping the changes to come?"

There are thousands - if not millions - of healthcare professionals like you and me who CARE -- who know our system is sick and want to scrub in.

The people who know the system best should be the ones leading the change.

That’s why you are the perfect candidate to be a change maker.

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So how do you become a change maker?

This is exactly what Nursing the System programs are designed to help you do.

The first concept to understand: 

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 3.01.29 PM.png

Making systems change is complex.

And it certainly isn’t your sole responsibilty.

But if you want to help transform systems, you must be willing to transform yourself.

Screenshot 2024-06-13 at 3.11.57 PM.png

This process of personal transformation is called your

Everyone’s journey is unique, as we’re all starting from different positions with different resources + visions for our lives.

But we ALL benefit from developing the Change Maker skillsets of systems thinking, change leadership, design thinking, and personal mastery.

And we certainly all benefit when we build hope.

Don’t let cynicism stop you

from having the career + impact you deserve.

After 10+ years of studying healthcare systems and working inside of them,

I’ve built a systems change toolbox for you

full of free resources + advanced curriculum.

Get the



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