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Claire Phillips, DNP RN

Healthcare Change Specialist. 
Coach, Consultant + Speaker.

Hey there! I'm Claire. I'm a wannabe world traveler and unashamed bookworm - but most of all, I'm a huge fan of nurses.

In 2012, I was a sophomore Sociology student studying the dysfunctional U.S. healthcare system when I learned what nurses actually did. And it was not what Hollywood had led me to believe.

I learned: Nurses are insightful. Nurses are advocates. Nurses are critical to the wellbeing of our people and our planet. Nurses have power - more than they might believe. And I wanted to join them.

I finished my Sociology degree and went on to get a Master's in Nursing, vowing to do my part to help heal the healthcare system. As I started my career in the ER, it became clear to me that nurses faced more barriers to helping patients than I had imagined. I recognized these challenges as a result of dysfunctional systems.


I started a blog to catalogue my observations about the intersections of social structure, system dynamics, and health. I heard from more and more nurses that they valued having a language and framework to put to their daily lived experience. I listened, continued writing, and began to clarify my vision of what my personal contribution would be to nursing and the world.


Over the next few years I worked as a nurse and nurse leader. Meanwhile, I pursued a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in Health Innovation and Leadership, specializing in changing systems. 


Now, I help nurses become Change Makers. Wherever you are on your Change Making Journey, Nursing the System has the tools and training to support you. 

We're on a mission to help 10,000 nurses
change the world.

Lofty goal? You betcha. Here's how we're making it happen.



Meaningful Work

When we are committed to a vision and connected to our purpose, life gets better. Whether in our professional roles or our off-the-clock advocacy, we strive to make a meaningful contribution.


Lifelong Learning

 ​We will never reach a 'final destination' when it comes to understanding systems. We  commit to continuous growth and development to meet an ever-changing world.


Joyful Engagement

We believe that genuine enjoyment leads to greater engagement. We aim to make our content and programs accessible and fun.

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